B-Inducoop Kft.


The B-Inducoop Kft. launched its manufacturing and assembling activity in the spring of 1994 with German ownership. Its seat is located in Szeged and it has a branch office and workshop in Tiszaújváros, in the neighbourhood of the MOL Industrial site. The average number of employees is approximately 60 persons. Our program: manufacture, erection and repair of welded equipment, pressure vessels, tanks, industrial piping and steel structures.

B-Inducoop Kft.


Our available and applied certificates are as follows:

- ISO 9001:2015
- SCC**
- EN ISO 3834-2
- AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0
- Pressure equipment directive 2014/68/EU G and B+F module
- Certification for welding companies for fusion welding of metallic materials (as per order 1/2016. (I.5) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade)
- Certificate for fabricating tanks and pressure vessels as per order 8/2018. (VII.17) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade


Our certified welding technologies have been elaborated for 111-SMAW, 141-AWI, 131/135-MIG/MAG by applying carbon steel and stainless steel materials. Our production facility includes a covered and heated 2 x 600 m2 bay workshop equipped with cranes (2 x 5 tons), and the 2500 m2 open-air assembly area and offices. Our spool fabrication is supported by machining and pressure testing shop and the accuracy to gauge is provided by several spool adjusting. The non-destructive test, the quality inspection and the preparation of documents required for handing-over and acceptance follow on our branch site. The production workshop is adequate for fabricating light and medium-heavy steel structures, for pipe prefabrication.


Should you be interested in getting more acquainted with our capabilities and working together with a really professional team, please contact us.


Request coming from Germany:

Ottó SZÉL: +49-152-0853-8103, szel.otto@b-inducoop.com
Andor SZÉL: +36-30-342-8259, szel.andor@b-inducoop.com

Request coming from Hungary:

András LÁNCZI: +36-30-433-1532, lanczi.andras@b-inducoop.com
Dániel PATAKI: +36-30-433-1531, pataki.daniel@b-inducoop.com

Zoltán Lajos TURI
managing director